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A New Church

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

I LOVE going into art stores. All of those colors, smells and possibilities feed my soul in the most joyful ways. And even when I'm surrounded by all of the vibrancy, there's a calm that washes over me. At a deep level, I find it spiritually satisfying.

So for all of you creatives out there like me that love your art store and feel it's your church, check out this one when you're in town.

The 3 floors of art goodness at the Artist & Craftsman on King Street in Charleston actually used to be a church.

The staff was amazing and made me feel like a welcome visitor. For today's stop, I grabbed a few charcoal pencils, blenders and new erasers for my charcoal drawings.

When I moved to Austin, Texas back in 2004, most people I met asked me (1) where I was moving from and (2) what church I was going to now. Nobody's asked me that second question here in Charleston. But I have an easy answer when they do.


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