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My Richmond Neighbor: VMFA

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Lucky me, I have inspiration just 3 short blocks away at the Virginia Museum Fine Art. I'm already enjoying their sculpture gardens and my morning coffee on sweet little tables they have stationed across the lawn.

Rumors of War is moving sculpture from artist Kehinde Wiley that's at the entrance to the VFMA. It was installed in December 2019 and was created as a direct response to the confederate statues that had lined Monument Avenue. Just 5 months later, during the Black Lives Matter protests, all statues were removed except the state-owned statue of Robert E. Lee remains.

Inside the sculpture garden and in the reflecting pool is the 60ft Red Reeds sculpture by Dale Chihuly.

Want to see what else was nearby my AirBnB in Richmond? Check out The Neighborhood Art Stroll.


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