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New York City Day Trip

I decided to take the train into New York City from Connecticut. I love traveling by train and hadn’t had much opportunity to do it living on the West Coast. Living within 10 minutes of a train station that led directly into New York City let me feed that love.

Omicron had everyone on alert and it was about 20 degrees outside. But I grabbed my mask, puffy jacket and gloves and made a day of it.

Forum Gallery: Alyssa Monks Exhibit

After attending Alyssa's workshop a few months back, it was important for me to see her work in person. It was absolutely incredible. The images brought tears to my eyes.

Whitney Museum

Such a great building in a beautiful location on the river. Timed reservations and vaccination card checks were in effect in an effort to keep folks safe.

Honestly I struggle a bit with contemporary painting. A lot of it anyway. I love that it makes me ask questions. But I usually wish that the artist would have invested a bit more time in conveying their concept rather than relying on the written word to explain their intentions. And usually the execution of the idea leaves me wanting more.

The High Line

It was my first time walking the High Line and it's really a wonderful use of space and different take on seeing the city. I look forward to going back when it's above freezing. ( Brrrrrr!!!)

Little Island Park

I saw Little Island from my Uber's back seat on the way to the Whitney and absolutely HAD TO go back to check it out! (And take my dad on a virtual walk around it with me.)


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