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Next Stop: Minnesota for July

Visiting Minnesota was NOT on my travel destination list when I set out on my 2021 journey in January. But I decided it was time to check in on family. My father’s health has been declining for some time (the poor guy was one of the many shut-ins you may have read about that had to endure assisted living lock-down conditions in 2020 and watch as his wife succumbed to the terrible virus in November) and my mom recently had surgery.

With COVID vaccinations and the pandemic subsiding across the U.S., it was the right time to take a bit of a left turn.

Minnesota isn't known for being a fine art hub. My people come from practical Scandinavian stock and are very happy with simple framed prints and images of their loved ones for their walls. But it's an amazing location for inspiration. The state, especially the northern part where I'm from, is stunning.

I'm from a city near Duluth, Minnesota and spent 13 years in Minneapolis, so I decided to split my time between downtown Minneapolis and at my family cabin up nort'. Connection with family and friends after the lockdown really did the heart good.

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