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Next Stop: Richmond, Virginia

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

At 7am on March 21, I started to pack my car (think Tetris) with my traveling art supplies, clothes and all things a person thinks they'll need or a year-long adventure. (And a few things that I really, really could have left behind.) Just 7 hours later I arrived in Richmond.

My new home in Richmond is this sweet AirBnB and my new landlord left me a few incredibly sweet welcome gifts; an "M" coffee mug and a bottle of wine to start and end my day.

My apartment is on the 2nd floor. They bay window is where the living room is located and the other window is the kitchen. Up on the 3rd floor is a 2nd bedroom and bath, the perfect, light-filled location for my studio. The street is lined with other 2-3 story brick homes built in the late 1800s and early 1900s with front porches on just about every house.

It's obvious to me that I could have benefitted from a strength program during the past year. But between packing the car in Charleston and unpacking in Richmond, I had a great upper body and stair workout that's making up for lost time.

Everything is welcoming, and I'm super excited to be here!


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