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Photo Shoot with Joffrey Ballet Dancer

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The week before New Years I had the good fortune to be connected with an incredible dancer, Olivia Bartlette (@livbartlette) that was trained at the Joffrey Ballet in New York City.

Earlier in the year I was having luck finding models on Instagram, but that luck ran out in Portland. I was sharing with a with a new artist friend my frustration and that I had really wanted to photograph. a dancer. On the spot, she called a family friend, found out that her daughter would be home for the holidays and we had a photo shoot scheduled in a matter of days.

Like I did previously in Richmond, I pulled together a mood board with shot ideas for us, prepped my equipment, and turned my AirBnB into a photo studio. I cleared out the dining room, covered bookshelves with white sheets and prayed that the dull winter weather would give way to a sunny day..

It didn't. But what we did get the night before the shoot was a proper snowfall. After a few hours of elegant and graceful movements, we ran around the backyard and played in the snow.

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