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Quiet Stay in New Haven

Thanks to Omicron, my stay in New Haven is a quiet one. Not because I wanted it to be, but because many of my plans were canceled due to the outbreak.

Creative Co-Working Space - The Westville artists center I was looking forward to joining closed their co-working space and wasn't accepting new members.

Creative Arts Workshop - I was excited to FINALLY be back drawing from the live model at a weekly class I had signed up to attend here in New Haven. The term was canceled.

Yale Art Museum & Center for British Art- I was looking forward to checking out the artwork here in New Haven which had a great reputation. It was closed "temporarily" for the month of January. This went into effect the week before I arrived.

Meeting New Friends - I previously had great luck meeting new people using MeetUps and the Bumble BFF app. Most events on MeetUp have been canceled and the managers aren't scheduling new event. The women I'm meeting on Bumble aren't up for meeting in person right now because of Omicron and even going for a hike is out of the question for them because the weather has been rainy, icy and under 25 degrees most days.

So, I'm having a quieter stay than planned.


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