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Stop #2 Decision: Richmond, VA

After hitting my head against the wall trying to make something work for a stay in Asheville for over a month, I finally gave in. Obviously Asheville just wasn't in the cards for me.

But when I turned my attention to Richmond, everything fell into place. In fact, I placed a call to talk with a friend living in Richmond on my way back from Asheville on Wednesday and by Saturday I had rented a place in The Fan district just west of downtown, 2 blocks from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, and complete with space for a studio.

While vaccinations are just starting to roll out, I'm excited to be in a city that seems to have an incredible connection to outdoor activities with loads of hiking trails and water sports along the James River as well as sprawling parks with open spaces. It's also exciting to think that I could be living in a thriving cultural community and great food scene when things start to open up.


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