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Too Hot To Shoot Outside

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Today was over 90 and there was no way we were going to haul all of the photo equipment, props, and wardrobe around Richmond without melting. So, I turned my AirBnB into a photo studio.

I moved furniture, removed wall decorations, gathered sheets and covered up anything that would be distracting as a background. I also grabbed cushions to soften the landing for any jumps and falls.

Four hours and 8 wardrobe changes later, we captured an entire book of reference options for my artwork. I can't thank Isabella VanKesteren, the stunningly beautiful, happily playful and amazingly patient model that was one of the best collaborators another artist could ask for.

Also a shoutout to wardrobe stylist Ronald Bangan who helped create the sheer and flirty pink outfit for us to play around with.

It's worth mentioning that just a month ago, folks in Richmond were in the midst of getting vaccinated. So the indoor shoot we had today wouldn't have been possible for us. As everyone feels more comfortable getting together, there will be more opportunities for me to rent apartments and homes during my travels that have options to have indoor photo shoots. It's pretty exciting. And I couldn't be looking forward to it any more. The possibilities feel amazing.

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