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When Connecting & Solitude Collide

As a painter, much of my work is solitary. After I have a modeling session, I am pretty much on my own to select the images, develop concepts and bring the paintings to life.

I came to Richmond not knowing a soul except for two good friends of friends. But I'd love to know more about the city, the artists and what makes it special. I'm still working as a marketer and am launching new products for a food and health company based in the Bay Area of California. So, much of my days are on my computer and in Zoom meetings.

But my mornings are my own, and I'm finding that all I want to do is muse about possibilities (my favorite place is at the VMFA sculpture garden shown below), explore and make connections. I am fighting against doing the work in my studio. I want to be outside. I want to be meeting people. I just don't want to go in there, stay put and be alone.

On the other hand, I feel that I should to be in the studio producing. I"m disappointed in myself for not having output or even practicing.

If I'm being kind to myself, I could tell myself that it's okay... that I'm gathering ideas. I'm exploring this space. I'm reaching out to artists and possible friends and trying to create a network that begins with some strong roots. I'm staying true to my goal of this year being one of exploration and connection.

And it's all true. But there's still an inner struggle. I want to explore and connect AND I should be in the studio.


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