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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

It was in Nashville that I had my very first rental stay for the year. I'm planning to use AirBnB in addition to other home rental sources, depending on what's available, what's used most in the area, price, etc. And I'm expecting it will be a mixed bag of good and not-so-good along the way.

And my first stay was exactly that. Some good. Some not-so-good.


A warm, clean cottage with super-hot water that made taking a long shower after a long drive feel extra good. The bed was incredibly comfortable, and I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow.


A time-challenged rooster that went off at 3am and again at 4:30am. And while the hosts mentioned that my stay would include fresh eggs they neglected to mention in their description of the property that there was a chicken coop right next to the cottage.

So, I was warm and slept great.

Until I didn't.

Damn chickens.

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