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Collaborating with Local Artists

When I was getting my MFA about 10 years ago, I took a semester-long directed study with a professional commercial photographer. The Academy of Art University would fly him up to teach a few classes once a week. He worked on some of biggest brands in the country, and I luckily talked him into teaching me all that he could in that semester.

It was a great learning lab and he taught me everything from taking motion photos on the streets of San Francisco, to styling and shooting food at the supper club I was helping my partner open. He helped me brainstorm ways to send models into motion and inspired some of my first trampoline photo shoots.

Over the years those nuggets of wisdom have faded. I pull out my Canon for photo shoots and to take final shots of my artwork, but all in all, it's not that often. So when I arrived in Richmond, I committed to studying once again and getting my photography skills back in shape.

Believe it or not, National Geographic has an awesome course taught by professional photographer, Joel Sartore. I started there for a quick review of the basics as well as some helpful tips.

Then I turned to Instagram and started to search for photographers in the Richmond area. I messaged several to see if any of them would be interested in shooting with me and guiding me on ways to take better photos. As luck would have it, I found a model (Isabella Vankersteren) and a photographer (Sonnie Slagle of Wonderless Photo) that were friends and already working together. I hired them both and so appreciate their patience, kindness and help to get my camera dialed in and capture what will be the first of what I expect will be MANY great images from this year's collaborations.

Want to see more images from my photo shoots?

Check out my shoot with Kadija, the photo shoot meetup I attended, or my indoor shoot with Isabella.

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